Corporate News

Board Changes and change of registered office

14 December 2010

STM Group Plc (AIM:STM), the cross border financial services provider, today announces that Michael Ross Riddell has been appointed to the Board of the Company as a non-executive director with immediate effect.  Michael, aged 55, is an experienced company director having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Canada in 1986.  Michael has worked in trust and corporate services and financial services since 1988 and is managing director of Greystone Trust Company Limited, the trust and corporate services arm of Greystone LLC based in the Isle of Man.

Michael is a director of Hearth Investments Limited (“Hearth”) which holds 7,600,000 ordinary shares of 0.1 pence each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”) in trust, representing 17.7 per cent. of the current issued share capital of the Company.

Further information in respect of Michael’s current and past directorships is set out below in accordance with Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

The Company also announces that Martin Derbyshire and Mark Denton have both resigned as non-executive directors of the Company with immediate effect.  The Board would like to thank both Martin and Mark for their contributions to the Company since its flotation in 2007.

The Company also announces that the registered office is changing from P O Box 227, Clinch's House, Lord Street, Douglas , Isle of Man, IM99 1RZ to 18 Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1JA.


For further information, please contact:

Colin Porter, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
Tel: 00 350 200

Alan Kentish, Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
Tel: 00 350 200 78614
Evolution Securities Tel: +44 (0) 20 7071 4300
Jeremy Ellis / Chris Clarke
FinnCap Tel: +44 (0)20 7600 1658
Tom Jenkins / Marc Young

Media enquiries:

Henry Harrison-Topham / Mark Dixon Tel: +44 (0) 20 7398 7702
[email protected]


In accordance with Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the Company announces the following information in respect of Michael’s current and past directorships.
Mr Riddell is currently a director of the following companies:

Aden Services Ltd
Amiya Geo Master Fund Limited
Amiya (Cayman) Limited
Amiya Global Emerging Opportunities Fund Limited
Associated Design Consultants Ltd
Aynsgarth Ltd
Ballyclare Developments (IOM) Ltd
Banion Ltd
Belmont Properties Ltd
Blue Seas Bunkering Ltd
Bosbury Ltd
Bratoga Ltd
CaIpers Investments Ltd
Castletown Holdings Ltd
Chara Ltd
Charlton Commercial Inc
CitiFinancial (Isle Of Man) Ltd
Clarins Ltd
Clodex Ltd
Cornwall Terrace Holdings Limited
Cornwall Terrace (No. 10) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No. 22) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No 24) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.31) Ltd
Cornwall. Mews (No.32) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.33) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.34) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.37) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.39) Ltd
Cornwall Mews (No.41) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.1 1 &12) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No. 2 &3) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No. 20 & 21) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.4 &5) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.6 &7) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.8) Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.9 &10) Ltd
Crampton Developments Limited
Defiance Ltd
Delray Ltd
Dering Developments Ltd (formerly Obax Ltd)
Dexterous Ltd
Eadon Ltd
Elden Ltd
Elevate Europe Ltd
Elmdon Company ltd
Englewood Ltd
Euryalus Ltd
Fairclass Ltd
Falmouth Developments Limited
Falmouth Ltd
Finank Ltd
First Clybane Management Ltd
Fossgate Limited
Gansey Ltd
Glenside Investments Limited
Greenford Management Inc
Greenford Management Limited
Greystone Trust Company Ltd
Greystone (IOM) Limited
Greystone First Nominees Limited
Greystone Second Nominees Limited
Greystone Secretaries Limited
Haysboro Ltd
Hearth Investments Ltd
Indac Corporation Ltd
Management Solutions
ITE Contractor Services Ltd
James Toseland Racing Ltd
Jamburie Limited
JK Investments (Cayman) Limited
JT & ST Properties Ltd
Kentz Africa Holdings Ltd
Kentz Caspian Ltd
Kentz Equatorial Guinea Ltd
Kentz International Ltd
Kentz Overseas Ltd
Kentz TSS (Global) Ltd
Kerbet Ltd
Kew Developments Ltd
Keyway Investments Ltd
Kingdon Developments Ltd
Kirkshire Ltd
Lacey Enterprises Ltd
Leonora Ltd
Light House Living Ltd
Lovern Limited
Lynwave Ltd
Manderina Ltd
Manyatta Ltd
Mapstone (IOM) Ltd
Mara Holdings Ltd
Marengo Consulting Ltd
Maritime Charter Sales Limited
Massala Services Ltd
Medina Ltd
Metal Engineering Technology Limited
Michiel Control Ltd
Millet Ltd
Mongoose Pacific Ltd
Moonlight Charters Ltd
Murex Securities Ltd
Neptune Consultants Ltd
Noblebrand Ltd
Nosila Ltd
Oakmayne (Woolwich – Site 1) Limited
Oakmayne (Woolwich – Site 3) Limited
Oakmayne (Woolwich) Ltd
Oakmayne Partners Ltd
Oakmayne Properties
(Regeneration) Ltd
Oakmayne Ventures Ltd
On Course Solutions Ltd
Parminder Ltd
Petro Group Ltd
Plaza Developments Ltd
Porterville Ltd
Radstock Ltd
Rathbawn (IOM) Ltd
Redland Enterprises Ltd
Regalia Ltd
Rivington Street Holdings Plc
Rossone Limited
Salix Ltd
Security Partner Ltd
Septer Ltd
Shima Holdings Ltd
Sigma Aviation Services Limited
Silverburn Properties Limited
Soil Solutions Ltd
Soil Solutions LLc
Stettler Ltd
Sunny Investments Ltd
Swiftsure Ltd
Talbot Directors Limited
Templeside Investments Ltd
Tempo Capital Management Limited
Tempo Fund Limited
Tempo Volatility Fund Limited
Theron Ltd
Toffsway Ltd
Trade Stairlifts Ltd
Tuque Ltd
Upper West Side Developments Limited
Uralba Limited
Urley Ltd
Vancouver Ltd
Vanderbilt (Boundary Road) Limited
Vanderbilt Developments Limited
Ventura Enterprises Ltd
Worship Street Investments Ltd
Wylton International (UK) Limited
Wylton International Trading Limited
Wylton Production Investment Ltd
Yokota Ltd
Zandai Ltd

Mr Riddell was a director of the following companies during the past 5 years:

Aberdeen Yachts Ltd
Abrias Investment Managers (Cayman) Limited
Adelaide Properties Ltd
Adela Ltd
Affordable Housing Solutions Ltd
Africa Asia Capital Ltd
Alix Unlimited
Amnesia Marine Ltd
Amnesia Shipping Ltd
Anagarth Ltd
Applejack Holdings Ltd
Atlas Gaming Multimedia Ltd
Arverni Ltd
Avery Holdings Ltd
Avon Shipping Ltd
Balthane Aviation Ltd
Bambridge Investments Ltd
Backstay Management Ltd
BDO (Isle of Man) Ltd
Belconnen Ltd
Beldent Unlimited
Benosar Ltd
Berkshire Investment
Management Ltd
Bindle Ltd
Boldergate Ltd
Bonita Marine Ltd
Boreen Ltd
Bosworth Ltd
Braemar Ltd
Briercrete Ltd
Brimfield Ltd
Brinlock Corporation Ltd
Brockmoor Trading Ltd
Bullmore Ltd
Bush Hill Ltd
Cambourne Ltd
Cardston Ltd
Carmyle Ltd
Carnsdale Overseas Ltd
Cast Trading Ltd
CCD Unlimited
Cedar Services Ltd
Ceris Ltd
Channel Yachting Ltd
Charter Corporate Services Ltd
Cirrus Aviation Holding Ltd
Clanworth Ltd
Ciifton Gardens Ltd
Clinford Holdings Ltd
Colwick Ltd
Comans Ltd
Compass Rose Marine Limited
Conservation Holdings Limited
Consword Ltd
Copap Participations Ltd
Cordine Ltd
Cornwall Terrace (No.8) Sub Limited
Creganna Medical Technology Unlimited
Creganna Solutions Ltd
Curran Corporation Unlimited
Damus Group Ltd
Damus Holdings Unlimited
Darius Unlimited
Darsy Ltd
Darya Shipping and
Chartering Ltd
Dear Dr Cupid Ltd
Devika Unlimited
Dieppe Ltd
Difcia Ltd
Dinsdale Properties Ltd
Dirkdale Ltd
Donner Ltd
Dracaens Ltd
Drifdale Ltd
Eadon Estates Ltd
ECJ Equity Partners Ltd
Edenton Ltd
Eirpost Holdings Unlimited
Elan Global Corporation
Elephant Road Operations Ltd
Entara Holdings Ltd
Eureka Interactive Fund Limited
Executive Charter Group Ltd
Executive Jet Group Ltd
Eyrie Property Ltd
Faelyn Ltd
Fleet International
Aviation & Maritime
Finance Ltd
Fulham Developments Limited
Gabriel Properties Ltd
Gaming Ventures Plc
Garron Ltd
Gatko Capital Llc
Get21 Ltd
Glensanda Investment Limited
Goldpower Ltd
Granite Investments Ltd
Green Circle Ltd
Greenstyle Ltd
Gurney Ltd
Hallasan Ltd
Hana Interoil Ltd
Hanlith Ltd
Harness Limited
Hartlington Limited
Hartknoll Ltd
Helix Technologies Ltd
HIS (Isle Of Man) Ltd
Hollywood Gardens Ltd
Hornchurch Investments Limited
Hosta Ltd
Hurstwood Ltd
Hyperion Charters Ltd
Image Group Ltd
Impley Investments Ltd
Intertransport Investments Ltd
Intertransport Overseas Ltd
Iron Trading Ltd
Juniper Management Ltd
Jupiter shipping Group Ltd
Kentz Corporation Ltd
Kilcurran Ltd
Kildonan Investments Ltd
Kildrum ltd
Kingswell Ltd
Kiwi Consulting Ltd
Landeros Unlimited
Lanesfield Ltd
Langham Investments Corporation Ltd
Langness Ltd
Leptis Unlimited
Lew City Developments Limited
LF Film Distributors Ltd
Limelight Investments Ltd
Listock Corporation Unlimited
Lodge Properties Ltd
Logistic Investment
Company Ltd
Lotta Properties Ltd
Magee Group Holdings Limited
Magee Holdings
Mallards Unlimited
Mamtos Ltd
Margaux International Limited
Marine &Bulk Ltd
Maritime Charter Sales Limited
Masai Unlimited
Maughold Ltd
Meadow Park Estates Ltd
Meadow Poppy Ltd
Meval Ltd
Mew City Developments Unlimited
Migi Ltd
Mintice Trading Ltd
Mirth Developments Ltd
Monteband Unlimited
Moonstream Ltd
Mowbury Ltd
Natara Unlimited
Nightline Holdings Ltd
Nordic Finance Company Services Ltd
O&H Wings Ltd
Oakenfold Trading Ltd
Olsen Developments Ltd
Orillia Ltd
P &B Property Holdings Ltd
Palais Ltd
Pamford Ltd
Parmed Ltd
Patrick Coman Unlimited
Peers Ltd
Penhold Ltd
Pennystone Consultants Limited
Penu Unlimited
Permanent Privacy Ltd
Petropolis Ltd
Piccadilly Management Limited
Pidemco Ltd
Pineview Ltd
Plasma Surgical Investments Ltd
Plumleaf Ltd
Plymstock Ltd
Polahan Ltd
Priya Communications Ltd
Prunus Ltd
Q Group Ltd
Qamford Unlimited
Qatermast Ltd
Quintrell Unlimited
Ramstead Ltd
Reba Ltd
Reem Investment Ltd
Reinland Ltd
Rempore Ltd
RNG Gaming Ltd
Roanlane Ltd
Rock Holdings Ltd
Roscoe Investments Ltd
RW Capital LLc
Saintpaulia Ltd
Savannah Charters Ltd
Seba Unlimited
Sempore Unlimited
Shawcross Investments Limited
Silkway Entertainment Ltd
Skipworth Properties Limited
Soest Ltd
Southgate Overseas Ltd
Southwark Bridge Village Ltd
Stantmory Ltd
Stigmory Ltd
Tagore Ltd
Tallcross Ltd
TBR Energy Drinks Ltd
Temrel Ltd
The Japan Pragmatist Fund
Touleen Unlimited
Toulouse Ltd
Triple Net Investments Limited
Triskeli Oil & Gas Ltd
Trueblue Ltd
Tubalcain Ltd
Tynwald Ltd
Ultra Marine Investments Limited
Update Technology (IOM) Unlimited
Vanite Ltd
Vanmory Ltd
Vannin (Iom) Ltd
Vastus Industries Ltd
Verdun Investments Ltd
Violet Marine Ltd
Virgil Yachts Ltd
VR Rope Walk Ltd
Wadebridge Ltd
Waldegrave Ltd
Web Resources Ltd
Westlock Unlimited
Westminster Associates Limited
Whittal Company Ltd
Wholesale Holdings Ltd
Wireless Wonders Ltd
World Natural Resources Ltd
Wynnchurch Ltd
Xantha Unlimited
Yoredale Ltd
Yoxall Properties Ltd
Yoxall Properties Ltd
Zamtos Unlimited
Zeval Unlimited
Zirth DevelopmentsUnlimited
Zowbury Unlimited
Zuma Ltd

The Company also announces that Haysboro Limited, of which Michael is currently a director, was put into creditors voluntary liquidation on 23 September 2010.

There is no further information required to be disclosed under Schedule 2, Paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules for Companies, pursuant to Michael’s appointment.