Corporate News

Re Board Appointment

06 July 2009

Further to the announcement earlier today of Colin Porter’s appointment to the Board of the Company as Chief Operating Officer, in accordance with Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the Company announces that Mr Porter is currently a director of Mac Trustee Limited and Space Trustee Limited, and was a director of the following companies during the past 5 years:

A & R Investments Limited
ABN AMRO Nominees (Jersey) Limited
Advanced Consultancy Team Limited
Alanrod Investments Limited
Alberton Limited
Alcian Blue Limited
Alfadila Company Limited
Alkantara Limited
Allalin Investments Limited
Allobar Limited
Alra Limited
Amicorp New Zealand Limited
Amicorp Trustees
Amity Management Limited
Amsu Ltd
Angel Overseas Ltd.
Antimer Company Limited
Araluen Limited
Arash Holdings Limited
Argyle Holdings Limited
Ariadio Investments Limited
Ariaz Yachting Company Limited
ARS Investments Limited
Arvil Limited
Ashford Group Holdings Limited
Ashnaya Holdings Limited
Asia Business Capital Limited
Atitlan Limited
Aubry Inc.
Aylesbury Limited
Badawi Holdings Limited
Banner Holdings Limited
Baraz Company Enterprises Holdings Limited
Bar-Mal Limited
Bavis Investments Limited
Beaker Ltd
Bedula Ltd
Bera Ltd
Bindrex Limited
Bodfari Holdings Limited
Bonella Holdings Limited
Bonetti Limited
Boreas Investments Limited
Bosicor Corporation Limited
Bottine International Ltd
Bow Strada Limited
Bravado Investments Limited
Bravo Management Ltd.
Brecon Ltd
Brick Hse Ltd
Broad River Limited
Brook Ltd
BSNI Limited
C J Holdings Limited
C.C. Licensing Limited
Calora Ltd
Calvani Investments Limited
Camaross Limited
Canonhill Capital Panamartners Limited
Capella Holdings Limited
Capriccio Investments Limited
Captiva Tst Co Ltd
Caribou Limited
Carlo Gavazzi Fin Ltd
Carnet Investments Limited
Casa Bella Property Limited
Casa Verde Invs Ltd
Castleton 29 Limited
CFR Consultants For Financial Research Limited
Chalkstripe Consultants Limited
Cherbourg Limited
Cherokee Bay Limited
Cherry Investments Limited
Chestnut Investing Management Limited
Cheswold Limited
Citri Limited
Classic Oak Limited
Coir Produce Limited
Commercial Interior Contracts Limited
Consilienca Limited
Coral Beach Corp.
Core Productions Limited
Crabtree Holdings Limited
Crystal Dome Limited
Culverdale (No 1) Limited
Dals Investments Limited
Danmore Investments Ltd.
Danzen Limited
Daraydan Holdings Limited
Daraydan Holdings Limited (BVI)
Darelle Overseas S.A.
Dask Properties Limited
Dawnbound Limited
Dax Limited
Dean Properties Limited
Deauville Properties Limited
Deep Blue (Jersey) Limited
Deepwater Limited
Delphinus Ltd
Dilo Limited
Dobbelmann Ventures Limited
Douanier Holdings No.1 Limited
Douetto Limited
Doveton Invs Ltd
Drillhaven Investment Inc.
Dudeen Holdings Limited
Duke Street Holdings Limited
Dunsel Investments Limited
E B I Ltd
Earrach Limited
Eastcote Limited
EB Limited
Eclipse Investments Limited
Eester Limited
Einen Holdings Limited
Ellestone Limited
Emerald Waters Corporation Limited
Encore Distributors Limited
Enerchem Technical Services Limited
Estante Limited
Eugenio Limited
Eurotime Limited
Fabrimex Far East Ltd
Faminvest Ltd
Fashion Invention Investments Limited
Fedora Limited
Ferbane Limited
Fereydon Investments Limited
Fernbury Properties Limited
Ferndale Holdings Limited
Fibauk Limited
Fidenter Trustees Limited
Finton Investments Limited
Flex Holdings Limited
Floma 1 Limited
Floma 2 Limited
FortWarren Limited
Free Spirit Holdings Ltd.
FroGuernseyy Farm Limited
Fullerton Inc
Fusina Trust Company Limited
Galena Overseas Investments Ltd.
Georama Limited
Gesmet Hldgs and Invs Ltd
Gilen Management Limited
Gold Quest Investments Limited
Gold Stock Limited
Golden Moments Limited
Golden Trail Limited
Grace Investments Limited
Grassroots Investments Limited
GrayriGuernseye Investments Limited
Green Start Limited
Guinevere Enterprises Limited
H.M.D. Investments Limited
Haki Pension Limited
Hannover Limited
Harnage Overseas Ltd
Haruspex No 1 Limited
Haruspex No 3 Limited
Hayseed Limited
Heathville Development Corp.
Heindru Investments Limited
Helko Ltd
High Marsh Holdings Limited
Hi-Hat Limited
Hiking Corporation Limited
Honey Place Limited
Husseiny Holdings (Jersey) Limited
Hydrangea Company Limited
Iceberg Properties Limited
Ikebana Limited
Initial Investments Limited
Integritas New Zealand Limited
Interside Trustees (New Zealand) Limited
Invermar Limited
Ipix Investments Limited
Isotec Limited
Jabulani Investments Limited
Jacobs Research Limited
Jaseur Holdings Limited
Jasper Limited
Jawaher Investment Company Limited
Jeropco Limited
Jowore Shipping Limited
Julia Investment Company Limited
Kaiser Overseas Company Limited
Kalahari Holdings Limited
Kalina Property Limited
Kanin Investments Limited
Karass Limited
Karoo Holdings Limited
Kebbie Limited
Kenwood Nominees Limited
Keswick Family Possessions Limited
Kex Ltd
Khaira Ltd
Kilifi Holdings Limited
Kinnear Limited
Kipli Limited
Kirkby Panamackaging Ltd
Kora Trustee Limited
KP Global Limited
KP Holding Limited
KP New Multi Limited
Kresta Global Limited
Krishna Enterprises Limited
La Casona Tiger Limited
La Porte Limited
Lalandee Investments Company Limited
Lanchon Investment Company Limited
Latin Ltd
Lavender Investments Limited
Leeds Financial Services Limited
Legazpi Ltd
Leisehouse Finance Limited
Leofric Manor Properties Limited
Libro I Ltd
Limestone Worldwide Limited
Links Investments Limited
Liru I Ltd
Liru II Ltd
Lobos Limited
Lochy Holdings Limited
Locksley Limited
London Irish Inv Ltd
London Residential Invs Ltd
Los Arbolitos Limited
Lototo Investments Limited
Lullington Assets Limited
Lyall Street Properties Ltd
M & E Assets Ltd.
Mac Trustee Limited
Magni Hldgs Ltd
Malawi Limited
Maluka Limited
Malvern Enterprises Limited
Manibhai Limited
Mantino Holdings Limited
Mantram Financial Limited
Marco Holding Inc
Mardood Holdings Limited
Marenka Holdings Limited
Markwell Limited
Marlin Holdings Limited
Marsh Investments Limited
Mashel Investments Limited
Masoola Ltd
Matte Invs Ltd
Maurice Trading Company (MTC) Limited
MCorp Limited
Melling Investments Limited
Metheringham Limited
Mina Holdings Limited
Minaga Incorporated
Minderbinder and Wintergreen Consulting Services Limited
Mining Finance Company International Limited
Monro Company Limited
Morcat Investments Limited
Motage Limited
Moystons Limited
Multiformula Limited
Mysorock Limited
Nagueles Limited
Nama Ltd
Natvel Holdings Limited
Ngawha Limited
Nightingale Vienna Holdings Limited
Northchurch Limited
Nuevo Holdings Limited
Oaken View Limited
Olympia Management Ltd.
Omsk Limited
Ostaria Limited
Paldici Limited
Panamagham Holdings Limited
Panamall Mall Capital Holdings Limited
Panamaxford Holdings Limited
PCC Overseas Limited
PDT Trustees Limited
Pendragon Resources Limited
Petrouna Limited
Petunia Properties Limited
PHI Holdings Limited
Pinetta International Ltd.
Polruan Limited
Porter Trading Limited
Prateleira Limited
Priess Investment Company Ltd
Proservices Trustees (New Zealand) Limited
Qatar Investments Limited
Quantica Limited
R I H Limited
Rainford Overseas Limited
Rainy Lake Limited
Rakan Properties S.A.
Reas Property Holdings Limited
Recycling & Engineering Co (REC) Limited
Red Dash Limited
Renak Limited
Rocastle Limited
Romila Global Limited
Rosario Financial Ltd.
Roxtone Investments Limited
S.A.H. Investment Company Limited
Sailsbury Holdings Limited
Saleel Holdings Limited
Saltdean Trading Limited
Samat Holdings Limited
Samhradh Limited
San Rafael Invest Limited
Sandcroft Limited
Saxon Props Ltd
Shadaca Holdings Limited
Shebba Investments Limited
Sheena Properties Limited
Sheridan Management Ltd.
Silecroft Limited
Silhouette Limited
Silver Stock Limited
Silver Sun Holdings Limited
Silvervale Limited
Simona Limited
Sirma Limited
Smallville Limited
Solanita Investments Limited
Somara Investments Limited
Somdev Limited
Space Trustee Limited
Stargate I Limited
Stargate I Mgmt Ltd
Stratheden Investments Limited
Sugemar Limited
Summertown Holdings Limited
Sun And Seas Properties Limited
Sundeani Holdings Limited
Sunseeker Holdings Limited
Syspro Europe Limited
Syspro Limited
Tabosa Limited
Tadbury Ltd
Taillard Holdings Limited
Tassel Ltd
Tazkiya Limited
Te Waka Limited
Technique Moto Course Internationale Limited
Terbury Limited
Terena Investment Holdings Limited
Tesu Cruising Limited
The Jubilee Place Company Limited
Thormar Ltd
Tiger (Oceania) Limited
Tina Land Limited
Tisza Agriculture Ltd
Toboros Holding Limited
Toller Limited
Toner Limited
ToPanamatori Holdings Limited
Topeka International Limited
Toulouse Limited
Tower Invs (Jersey) Ltd
Transworld Aviation Holdings Limited
Treetop Overseas Limited
Triangular Overseas Limited
Trident Resources Limited
Tropical Fisheries Limited
Tush Limited
Tydrik Limited
Tyr Investments Ltd
Ulcombe Limited
Uni Investments Limited
Valbella Limited
Valetona Global Limited
Vallinvest Ltd
Vas Resources Limited
Veritatis Trustees Limited
Verofrelo Limited
Vertis Asset Management Limited
Vertis Capital Panamartners Limited
Vertis Limited
Vida De Sol Limited
Viewfield Holdings (Jersey) Limited
Vinko Trustees NZ Limited
Vishnu Investments Limited
Voyant Limited
Wallace (Oceania) Limited
Waterlane Limited
Wendale Limited
Wescon Inc
Westshire Limited
Whirlwind Limited
Whitburn Investments Limited
Wilbur Ltd
Xindu Limited
Yachts and Racing Limited
Yapiri Invs Ltd
Yo and Co Trustee Limited
Zehar Holdings Limited
Zinzari Holdings Limited
Zodiac Trust Co. Limited


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